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Virtual Safe
Business Professional

Expand your company to manage virtual safes.

With Virtual Safe Business Professional you work together with one or more users on a root directory.

The root directory manages the master data of your virtual safes, as well as central backup and master password settings.

With "Safe Search" you can create search queries and find the safe (s) you are looking for in a matter of seconds.

Master Data Management

Expand your virtual safes with your own properties with specifically defined data types or lists of values. You or your staff can maintain the properties and then search for them.

Safe Search

Safe Search enables you to find virtual safes that match your search criteria. Standard attributes are used as search criteria, but also all properties from master data management.

Master Password

With the master password, critical operations such as deleting virtual safes can be restricted further. In addition, all safes can be decrypted with the master password.