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Virtual Safe Business Professional

Virtual Safe Business Professional extends the Professional version to important features that you need in corporate environment to encrypt your or your customers' data and also to find virtual safes according to your search criteria.

  • Work with multiple users on a root directory
  • Classify your safes by custom properties
  • Assign lists of values to your properties
  • Search on any number of safes according to your properties
  • Assign a master password: Critical operations, such as deleting safes,
    can be carried out by selected users or administrators
  • Master key function: Use the master password to decrypt all safes in case of emergency

Master Data Management

Classify your Safes by using custom properties. You can assign as many attributes to your virtual safes as you want to make it easier for your employees to classify the safes or search for them.
This can be an employee number, a department or a customer, who provides you with confidential information.


Safe Search

The integrated search function makes it easy to search for virtual safes by certain properties. The default attributes are included: name, size, created by, creation date, last modified by, last modified date, Opened by, encryption mode - Moreover every custom property is regarded in the search.


Multi-User Support

Virtual Safe Business Professional detects, whether a virtual safe is already in use by another user. Only if the safe is closed, the user can open the safe and put data into in it. All change information is stored in the safe itself and the built-in backup mechanism ensures that no data is lost.


List Of Values

Assign list of values to your master data attributes, that supports you in the maintenance of properties and which are also available in the Safe Search.



Business Professional Features

  • Multi-User Support
  • Create, modify, remove custom properties
  • Create, modify, and remove user-specific lists of values
  • Maintenance of property values by employees
  • Safe Search: Search for standard attributes and user-specific properties
  • Show / hide information in the safe Overview
  • Master password: Critical operations, such as deleting safes is guaranteed only to specific users or administrators
  • With the help of the master key, all safes can be decrypted in case of emergency
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